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WebApi: Client disconnect with HttpListener.AuthenticationSchemes set causes OWIN host to crash

Doing some testing on a OWIN self-hosting console app with authentication mode set to IntegratedWindowsAuthentication (same issue occurs with NTLM or Negotiate). Have a client app that hits the se...

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XmlDocumentationProvider extensions for supporting generics

The XmlDocumentationProvider.cs class from the Web.API Help Page package has only limited support for generics. For instance it does not correctly interpret signatures like: <member name="M:WebA...

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Attribute Based Routing can't produce pretty URLs

I have discovered an issue with Attribute Based Routing in my MVC application (MVC version I have created a question on StackOverflow too. Basically. When you have the same action nam...

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editorfor not as expected

I have a view, that is bound to a model with the following property [Display(Name = "Purchase Cost")] public double? PurchaseCost { get; set; } that is rendering like this: <input name="Purc...

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Error in XML docs for System.Web.Http.Results.OkResult

The public constructors for this class are documented as: Initializes a new instance of the NotFoundResult class. Should be Initializes a new instance of the OkResult class.

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Add support prioritise controller routes

Hi Why in new version MVC, route not have prioritise? Before have prioritise. Example, I have 2 Controllers NewsController [Route("~/News", Order = 2)] [Route("~/News/Page/{page}", Order = 1)]...

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MultipartStreamProvider loses HttpContext after async work

I have implemented a custom subclass of MultipartStreamProvider in order to write uploaded file data to a custom stream. After writing to the stream, the HttpContext is sometimes null. The code bel...

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ByteRangeStream Stream Position question

In the ByteRangeStream class, when the _lowerbounds variable is calculated, the current method ignores the position of the inputStream property. In my scenario, I need to output to the output of t...

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HttpContent.Read* methods return empty content when using parameter binding in Web API controller

Repro steps In a Web API application, add a complex type parameter to a controller method. In the controller method, read the content, e.g. with Request.Content.ReadAsStringAsync. Run the app, an...

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MediaTypeFormatter.WriteToStreamAsync can not set headers

I define a custom MediaTypeFormatter to handle downloading csv file. The csv object model like public class CsvModel: Collection<TRow> where TRow: class { // specific the download filename public...

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