OData V4 service should support DateTime

OData V4 should support DateTime or you should give the developer a way of converting datatime to datetimeoffset when the service is called. I have several serializable objects that are in 3rd par...

Id #2072 | Release: v5.4 Beta | Updated: Mon at 3:03 PM by jods | Created: Jul 22 at 3:18 PM by goroth

Add json.net support for Delta<T>

Currently Delta<T> only works with the ODataFormatter. It should also work with json serialized from JSON.NET/JavaScript/JsonMediaTypeFormatter. Json is used heavily by web api and various language...

Id #777 | Release: vNext | Updated: Nov 26 at 8:11 PM by davidmdem | Created: Jan 17, 2013 at 7:45 PM by blake05

Support OData Uri Parse extension of ODL 6.7 release

Problem: ODL 6.7 supports overriding default Uri parsing behavior, including: Resolving property name Resolving type name Resolving navigation source name Resolving operation import name ...

Id #366 | Release: v5.4 Beta | Updated: Dec 10 at 12:31 AM by yishaigalatzer | Created: Aug 24, 2012 at 5:41 PM by jberd126

Make MapMvcAttributeRoutes unit testable

MapMvcAttributeRoutes requires the list of controllers in order to enumerate the attribute routes. The current implementation doesn't allow customizing the service used to provide the controller li...

Id #1445 | Release: vNext | Updated: Nov 20 at 1:53 PM by berkeleybross | Created: Nov 22, 2013 at 6:12 PM by davidmatson

MVC Support Adding HTML Attributes to SelectListItems

I would like the ability to add Html attributes to individual SelectListItems via object htmlAttributes. This would be handy for applying CSS to selected options on render. I have working code fo...

Id #9 | Release: vNext | Updated: Oct 20 at 3:50 PM by GaltSalt | Created: Mar 28, 2012 at 10:06 PM by DoomHamster

Add JSONP support in WebAPI

We added CORS support in WebAPI but most browsers don't have support for CORS so supporting JSONP will still be valuable. I am opening this bug in codeplex here so we can track this work.

Id #1157 | Release: vNext | Updated: Jul 30 at 7:10 AM by Belegs | Created: Jul 23, 2013 at 7:00 AM by kamehrot

Non-sequantial list binding and BeginCollectionItem HTML Helper

In ASP.NET MVC framework, for non-sequential list binding we need a random prefix for the form field name and also a hidden imput which indicates that item inside the collection. Inside the fram...

Id #49 | Release: vNext | Updated: Jun 17 at 9:41 PM by AlexBar | Created: Apr 8, 2012 at 5:05 PM by tugberk

OData expand filter

The feature in the OData 4 spec where you can filter expanded properties is missing. Will this be added in? Example 90: all categories and for each category all related products with a discontinu...

Id #2046 | Release: vNext | Updated: Nov 25 at 7:50 PM by IntranetFactory | Created: Jul 4 at 11:45 AM by jrote1

Help pages for odata controllers

I would like to request that the help pages, like on standard asp.net web api be provided for odata controllers as well. Currently the tooling does not work for odata. http://stackoverflow.com/qu...

Id #1892 | Release: vNext | Updated: Oct 27 at 5:50 PM by dauciunas | Created: Apr 29 at 4:15 PM by psteele706

Support aggregation for OData


Id #1786 | Release: vNext | Updated: Dec 8 at 1:55 PM by doggy8088 | Created: Mar 21 at 8:08 AM by zjufish