Model Binding Fails When Model Contains List Of Objects

I have a View That Initially Doesn't Contain Any Partial Views. But User Can Add/Remove N Number Of Partial Views Dynamically. I'm Following Perfect Naming Conventions And Indexing For The Partial ...

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Occasional UnobservedTaskException due to HttpListenerRequest disposed

Ported from We occasionally get an exception like the following: TaskScheduler.UnobservedTaskException event was raised. env=prod exception=System...

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Performance issues with System.Web.Mvc.Html.TemplateHelpers and default editor actions

We noticed a lot of blocking disk IO was occurring as we were load testing our MVC application. We took stack dumps when this was happening, and below is an example stack. We profiled DiskBuildResu...

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CorsMessageHandler does not respect IExceptionHandler

CorsMessageHandler will swallow all the exceptions that it catches and turn them into 500 response. This behavior does not work with a custom IExceptionHandler implementation where you want a non H...

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extensiblity: OData serializer manipulates formatters workflow inconsistently producing unexpected results

To format OData v4, there is extensibility provided in form of custom attributes. Consider the following code: namespace System.Web.OData { /// <summary> /// An attribute to be placed on controller...

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MVC Remote attribute does not work with complex objects and collections

Scenario For a model that has a property which is a complex object or collection where the object contains a property with a RemoteAttribute, the html generated will include the fully qualified na...

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Attribute routes cannot be applied to controllers with generic (non action) methods

when calling MapMvcAttributeRoutes() it fails if any controller (or the base class of a controller) contains a generic method. In our case we have a generic base class that handles some default o...

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jQuery unobtrusive validation does not behave correctly with remote validation when multiple items are selected in a checkbox \ dropdown list

Consider <input type="checkbox" name="allowedDays" checked value="Sunday" /> <input type="checkbox" name="allowedDays" value="Monday" /> <input type="checkbox" name="allowedDays" checked value="Fr...

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Disabled Html.CheckBox -> Hidden Field not disabled

When Html.CheckBoxFor(m => m.Property, new { disabled = "disabled" }) is used, the generated html-input-hidden-field should also be disabled, otherwise the request value is alway false.

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Razor does not correctly parse HTML attributes that have spaces surrounding the equals

After playing around with the parse tree a bit I noticed that if you were to create HTML elements such as: <div class = "foo"></div> <div class ="foo"></div> <div class= "foo"></div> The...

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