CORS breaks global exception handler

GlobalConfiguration.Configure(delegate(HttpConfiguration config) { // .. other code ... config.Services.Replace(typeof(IExceptionHandler), new GlobalExceptionHandler()); // .. other code ... co...

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[MVC 5.2] Rendering child action with direct route does not set ControllerContext.IsChildAction

Hello! So I have some logic in my mvc 5.2 app that relies heavily on ControllerContext.IsChildAction property of my controller classes. Ater moving to new mvc with built in attribute routing I st...

Id #2136 | Release: v5.2.3 Beta | Updated: Today at 11:39 AM by Ukyo | Created: Fri at 7:07 AM by Ukyo

Created response can't process the un-type object

public IHttpActionResult Post(EdmEntityObject customer) { return Created(customer); } the response Created Fails with the following exception: 500 Internal Error: Inner Exception: Cann...

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Issue in QueryStringValueProvider from ModelBindingContext.ValueProvider

I am implementing serverside for Jquery Datatable and found that QueryString key is changed from columns[{0}][data] to columns[{0}].data .. so to get the value of columns[{0}][data] from ValuePro...

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Possible unintended behaviour with 'DateTime?' editor template and property named 'Date'

Is this intended behaviour, or an unintended edge case? Views\Shared\EditorTemplates\Date.cshtml @model DateTime? @Html.TextBox(string.Empty, Model == default(DateTime) ? null : Model, "{0:o}" /...

Id #2131 | Release: v5.2.3 Beta | Updated: Tue at 4:54 PM by danroth27 | Created: Sep 8 at 10:43 AM by stijnherreman

RedirectToAction can't find any route defined with custom route attributes

Custom route attributes created by extending RouteFactoryAttribute are not "seen" when using RedirectToAction in MVC 5.2, therefor an exception is raised when trying to match routes, which says tha...

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[ODataV3]The mothods BindCeiling, BindFloor and BindRound in FilterBinder.cs treat nullable double as decimal

The reason is that these methods don't handle nullable double: MethodInfo round = arguments[0].Type == typeof(double) ? ClrCanonicalFunctions.RoundOfDouble : ClrCanonicalFunctions.RoundOfDecimal;

Id #2128 | Release: v5.4 Beta | Updated: Sep 9 at 10:14 AM by azhou | Created: Sep 5 at 2:26 AM by jinfutan

virtualPathRoot is null in GlobalConfiguration.DefaultServer.Configuration when using DefaultOdataBatchHandler with katana self-hosting scenario.

My config of Katana is: public static IAppBuilder UseAdminPanel(this IAppBuilder app) { var config = new HttpConfiguration(); Func<IEdmModel> getEdmModel = () => { ...

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Upgrading to ODL V6.7

ODL 6.7 was released on 8/29 at

Id #2126 | Release: v5.4 Beta | Updated: Sep 3 at 1:10 AM by azhou | Created: Sep 3 at 1:10 AM by azhou

The ValidateAllNode and ValidateAnyNode methods in the class FilterQueryValidator should check if All/Any is allowed.

The 2 methods do not check if any/all is allowed. It should check it just as what the below method does: private static void ValidateFunction(string functionName, ODataValidationSettings settings) ...

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