Misleading Behavior: There is no way to pass the UseViewData property when creating a HiddenFor.

As it stands today, when creating a HiddenFor() on a view the HTMLHelper will automatically pass FALSE for the UseViewData property on the InputHelper() Method. Shown Here: public static MvcHtml...

Id #2146 | Release: v5.2.3 Beta | Updated: Mon at 8:33 PM by yishaigalatzer | Created: Fri at 3:22 PM by CoderJon

[ODataV4] MapODataServiceRoute throws an exception if it is called before MapHttpAttributeRoutes

In ODataV4, User scenario: Create an Web API project. Call MapHttpAttributeRoutes as follows: // Web API configuration and services ODataConventionModelBuilder builder = new ODataConventionMode...

Id #2144 | Release: None | Updated: Sep 24 at 11:16 PM by yjhong | Created: Sep 24 at 11:16 PM by yjhong

EditorFor set id and name

It’d be nice to have the option to specify a name and id for elements generated by EditorFor method. Something like this: @Html.EditorFor(x => x.City.Name, new { id = "Name", name = "Name" })

Id #2142 | Release: v5.2.3 Beta | Updated: Mon at 8:44 PM by yishaigalatzer | Created: Sep 24 at 8:28 AM by DaveSenn

Add support for $search query option

Hi, Is it possible to add the support for $search query option, as defined here : http://docs.oasis-open.org/odata/odata/v4.0/os/part2-url-conventions/odata-v4.0-os-part2-url-conventions.html#_To...

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Same thing

Hello , Im trying to develop some facebook application using asp.net MVC ,but As all people discussed in another forum, the [FacebookAuthorize("email", "user_photos") in the facebook app template...

Id #2140 | Release: None | Updated: Today at 4:43 AM by kirthik | Created: Sep 19 at 10:05 AM by ashes267

Created response can't process the un-type object

public IHttpActionResult Post(EdmEntityObject customer) { return Created(customer); } the response Created Fails with the following exception: 500 Internal Error: Inner Exception: Cann...

Id #2135 | Release: None | Updated: Sep 12 at 4:08 AM by xuzhg | Created: Sep 12 at 4:08 AM by xuzhg

Possible unintended behaviour with 'DateTime?' editor template and property named 'Date'

Is this intended behaviour, or an unintended edge case? Views\Shared\EditorTemplates\Date.cshtml @model DateTime? @Html.TextBox(string.Empty, Model == default(DateTime) ? null : Model, "{0:o}" /...

Id #2131 | Release: v5.2.3 Beta | Updated: Sep 24 at 5:30 AM by dougbu | Created: Sep 8 at 10:43 AM by stijnherreman

[ODataV3]The mothods BindCeiling, BindFloor and BindRound in FilterBinder.cs treat nullable double as decimal

The reason is that these methods don't handle nullable double: MethodInfo round = arguments[0].Type == typeof(double) ? ClrCanonicalFunctions.RoundOfDouble : ClrCanonicalFunctions.RoundOfDecimal;

Id #2128 | Release: v5.4 Beta | Updated: Sep 9 at 10:14 AM by azhou | Created: Sep 5 at 2:26 AM by jinfutan

virtualPathRoot is null in GlobalConfiguration.DefaultServer.Configuration when using DefaultOdataBatchHandler with katana self-hosting scenario.

My config of Katana is: public static IAppBuilder UseAdminPanel(this IAppBuilder app) { var config = new HttpConfiguration(); Func<IEdmModel> getEdmModel = () => { ...

Id #2127 | Release: None | Updated: Sep 11 at 10:43 PM by yishaigalatzer | Created: Sep 3 at 2:51 PM by Yfer

The ValidateAllNode and ValidateAnyNode methods in the class FilterQueryValidator should check if All/Any is allowed.

The 2 methods do not check if any/all is allowed. It should check it just as what the below method does: private static void ValidateFunction(string functionName, ODataValidationSettings settings) ...

Id #2125 | Release: vNext | Updated: Sep 2 at 12:08 AM by azhou | Created: Sep 1 at 3:15 AM by jinfutan