Signed Nightly Builds

If you just want to try the latest feature or bug fix you can use a nightly build. While a nightly build might work, we strongly urge you to only use official builds for production. Nightly builds are meant for developers to try out new features or bug fixes ahead of an official prerelease or final build. There is no guarantee that a nightly build will be available or will work. A nightly build is just a build of what is currently checked into the source repository.

Nightly builds can be used with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 or Visual Studio 2012. To use the nightly build:

  1. In your Package Manager settings add the following package source:
  2. If upgrading an existing MVC or Web API project, remove the package named Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Fixed DisplayModes before upgrading, as this package is not needed and will prevent you from updating to the latest nightly build.
  3. Add or update to the latest build of ASP.NET. The nightly build is labeled (nightly YYYY MMM DD).

To enable debugging through the code you will need to make some additional changes in Visual Studio:

  1. Under Debugging | Options settings make the following changes in General section:
    1. Uncheck Enable Just My Code.
    2. Check Enable source server support.
    3. Uncheck Require source files to exactly match the original version.
  2. Under Debugging | Options settings add to the list of symbol locations in Symbols section.

For more detail see instructions from

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