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Using Symbols and Source Server for Official Releases

After downloading an official release, you can get symbols (.pdb files) and/or step through source code.

To download symbols, configure the following settings under Options in Visual Studio:
  1. Under Debugging | General, uncheck Enable Just My Code.
  2. Under Debugging | Symbols, add the following symbol file location :

To step through the source code, configure the following additional setting:
  1. Under Debugging | General, check Enable source server support

The above settings should be sufficient for more recent official releases. For older releases, such as MVC 4 and Web API 1, some additional steps may be required:
  • Under Debugging | General, uncheck Enable .NET Framework source stepping
  • Under Debugging | Symbols, uncheck all other symbol file locations (especially uncheck Microsoft Symbol Servers).
  • Under Debugging | Symbols, select Empty Symbol Cache

If these settings are insufficient, try the detailed instructions from symbolsource.

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