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Delta<T> for primitive types using a JSON Formatter (and also making it more general in the process)

Aug 16, 2013 at 12:56 PM
I have installed the OData library, but only to gain access to Delta<T> for making PATCH usable for WebAPI. It is kinda working, but not for types like decimal and int. I understand this is due to the JSON Formatter, and not specifically Delta<T> but is there a workaround or a fix that can be applied to this to get it to work.

I appreciate Delta<T> was made to work with OData (and the formatter), but without something like Delta<T> using PATCH without OData become pretty ugly to implement (unless someone has a viable solution that doesn't involve loads of if statements, and is not really a PATCH).

A General Delta<T> to at least work with the base formatters would be ideal!

Someone has tried to do fix it here, not sure if this patch was accepted (or submitted):