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Custom HttpParameterBinding is not picked up by latest bits

Topics: ASP.NET Web API
Jul 1, 2013 at 5:03 PM
I've defined a HttpParameterBinding derived class which is registered correctly during the web app startup.

The parameter binding is binds the UserTypePrincipal from Thread.CurrentPrincipal to a method parameter.

When I invoke the API then I get a serialization error, because that type is not serializable.

Upon this error message I started to investigate what can be the problem, and I narrowed it down to HttpActionDescriptor class's ActionBinding property.

It turns out that the _actionBinding private variable is getting a value from somewhere (and I did not find a simple place where its set from), so the getter for this property fails the null check at the beginning and returning a default instance of a wrapped FormatterParameterBinding.
        public virtual HttpActionBinding ActionBinding
                 if (_actionBinding == null)   // This is never null
                    ServicesContainer controllerServices = _controllerDescriptor.Configuration.Services;
                    IActionValueBinder actionValueBinder = controllerServices.GetActionValueBinder();
                    HttpActionBinding actionBinding = actionValueBinder.GetBinding(this);
                    _actionBinding = actionBinding;
                return _actionBinding;
If I manually bypassing the null check, then the ParameterBinding is picked up and everything works fine.

Its even repros on the latest sources.