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update for mvc music store tutorial?

Sep 13, 2012 at 8:30 PM

I went through this tutorial once before a bout a year ago in order to try to get a job. It helped me to get the job and I have been learning ever since. I can't thank you enough! But I had to learn everything in a week and have been struggling ever since also. So I started over to go through it again now that I understand the stuff a little better. So this is the issue:

I get to part 4 and it tells me to get the sample data file. But it looks like now we have the database built for us instead of using a class. I read in one discussion about how to run the create script to create the database, but I was wondering if there were plans to update the tutorial on how to do that so that someone going through it the first time would not get confused. Or am I missing something?